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Political Commentary: Obama Breaking Ties

Posted by JungleBoot on April 30, 2008

Fox News reported on Obama’s breaking ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.  I wonder about the sincerity of the move and why it took so long.  Obama, as everyone knows, sat in Rev. Wright’s congregation for 20 years.  That bears a certain amount of significance.  Once again, Obama sat in a pew listening to Rev. Wright for 20 years.   That’s a long time.  Even if one’s personality and beliefs change, they make themselves known over time.  You can’t possibly believe Obama didn’t know of Rev. Wright’s tendencies.  I think Obama should have distanced himself a long time ago when he became a United States senator.  Don’t you?  Now, there are two possibilities here:  1) Obama, knowing his life would be investigated with a fine tooth comb, felt he could deal with the issue when it came up.  2) Rev. Jeremiah Wright jr. is an opportunist who knew at some point the reporters and cameras would look his way and simply took advantage of it — effectively tarnishing the reputation of Senator Obama to get on the national scene.  Personally, I think there is some truth in both.  However, the question remains.  Did Obama wait too long to distance himself from Rev. Wright?


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Movie Review: Lions for Lambs (2007)

Posted by JungleBoot on April 30, 2008

Lions for Lambs (2007 *****) brings together an ensemble of stars (Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Michael Pena, Derek Luke, Andrew Garfield, Peter Berg) to talk about an unpopular topic — the War on Terror.  I give this movie 5 stars out of 5 for attempting to be relevant and thought provoking.  The rhetoric delivered isn’t just one sided.  The writers and director worked really hard to illuminate the views of all parties concerned.  It also doesn’t attempt to cover too broad an area.  The conversations, as it is a conversation piece, are between a republican senator and a liberal journalist, a promising student and a liberal professor whose only agenda is to incite the student to action regardless of side chosen, and the unspoken dialog between a commander and his stranded men.  This movie may not be popular today, but someday it will.  It captures, in my opinion, the most prominent topics and problems we face today.  Even if you disagree, it’s worth watching.

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Movie Review: There Will Be Blood (2007)

Posted by JungleBoot on April 30, 2008

There Will Be Blood (2007 ****) stars Daniel Day Lewis in a turn-of-the-cetury story about family, religion, and the early days of oil prospecting.  It’s a delightful movie that I feel can be watched by the whole family; minus some scenes that may be inappropriate for children.  I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.  If you have been on the fence about watching this film as I was, you can stop worrying.  It’s actually good. 

This movie is currently available for rent.

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Word Whomp! —

Posted by JungleBoot on April 28, 2008

Looking for something to do during your down time?  Try out this nifty little game, Word Whomp!, over at  Word Whomp! requires you to make as many 3, 4, 5, 6 -letter words as possible from the given letters within two minutes.  You may enter the words via the keyboard or by using your mouse.  The keyboard method is the fastest.  You type in the word and press enter.

This game may be played as a guest or with a free account. 

Things to be aware of:

  • The game recognizes personal pronouns as a word (ex: hes for he’s and shes for she’s).
  • The game often looks for the singular and plural form of words (ex: hat, hats, cat, cats).
  • The game accepts @ss and many uncommon words
  • You can change the skill level.

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Blog Killers

Posted by JungleBoot on April 28, 2008

The idea for this post hit me today while reading an individual’s blog.  I don’t remember which one specifically.  Anyway, I selected a topic of interest.  The next thing I know my computer is trying to compile a post with over 4,000 comments.  I wound up killing the process using powershell.

Top Blog KIllers – a work in progress.

  1. Allowing too many comments attached to a post.  The number of comments you should allow is going to vary from service to service and offered management options.  If your comments can be paged, this problem goes away.  If not, a post that doesn’t load doesn’t get read. — which means lost revenue in some cases.

  3. Not closing a topic to comments.  Blogging is a “right now” activity.  They are driven by topics that capture the public’s attention.  So, why would you leave a topic “open for discussion” that was written two years ago or even a year ago?  If you didn’t create enough controversy in the first place, chances are it won’t manifest later.  Close it.

  5. Not remaining current.  Your inability to provide new content on a regular basis ( hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) will kill your blog.  The more time that passes between post decreases the chance of returning readers.  There are of course exceptions (personal blogs, family blogs, and “hobby” blogs).  Your goal should be to have web users visiting your blog routinely.

  7. Treating your visitors like they are idiots.  Figuring out who you are writing for is important.  You learned that in highschool writing courses.  In case you forgot, you need to consider who you really want to reach.  If you are writing about the latest tech gadget, you may only be interested in reaching technical people.  Therefore, use appropriate terminology and writing styles for your chosen topic.

  9. Trying to be creative with language using letter replacement.  Taking regular words and attempting to make them “hip” seems to be a trend these days.  It’s a bad idea.  Unless you have a stake in presenting a particular image, you are only re-enforcing  poor spelling habbits that may affect you in the work place.
    Example:  kool v. cool, skillz v. skills

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