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In the News: McCain’s Pastor Relations

Posted by JungleBoot on May 5, 2008

John McCainThe furor over Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright sent others seeking the same kind of relations in McCain’s past.  What did they find?  One pastor, Rod Parsley, calling Islam a “false religion.”  Another pastor, John Hagee, calling the Roman Catholic Church “the great whore.”  How does McCain react?

McCain points out that these two pastors are supporters.  He has no personal relationship with either.  There is no 20 year history.   “There is a great deal of difference in my view between someone who endorses you and other circumstances”, McCain stated.

Read the full article.

I have to agree with McCain, there is a difference between supporters and close, personal, friends.  Nobody has seen the “McCain Pastors” bashing America or using McCain as way to gain the public spotlight.  Rev Wright did both. 


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