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Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

Posted by JungleBoot on June 16, 2008

Marvel brings back the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk ( 2008 ) better than expected.  Fans will enjoy the minor tributes paid to original television series cast members Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, and creator Stan Lee.  A small clip of Bill Bixby, Bruce Banner, in Father Knows Best is shown and Mr. Ferrigno portrays a security guard again.  Still looking great for a man who counts Arnold Schwarzenneger, Dave Draper,  and Lee Haney as friends.

My wish, not coming true, would have Eric Bana returning to the role of Bruce Banner.  I think he would have been a better choice — people prefer the original cast in sequals.  However, Edward Norton correctly reflects the modern Bruce Banner — a skinny guy that, when angered, becomes our loveable jolly green giant – The Hulk.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out on the Marvel site.  We can’t have everything we want.

I give the special effects shop high marks on this one.  Detail not seen in the original Hulk, this generation’s Hulk, will be there.  They took the old CGI model and simply made it better with spectacular close-ups on the face and body along with transformations that get your juices flowing.  You’ll even like the stuff done with the antagonist.  It’s awesome.  Kudos guys!!

And it appears to be official, There is an Avengers movie in the works.  Tony Stark shows up at the end with a solution to Gen. Ross’s problem.

“We are thinking about putting a team together,” states Stark.  Gen. Ross then cocks his head like a confused puppy.

Don’t be surprised if the scene appears to be a last minute addition.  It’s really hard to hide it.  Still, it works and leaves you all giddy inside — because you know what’s to come.

WARNING:  The violence has been amped up a bit.  This is not the hulk from the saturday morning cartoons. People get hurt, people die.  The good thing being action is focused on the Hulk and not gruesome death.  I simply want to make you aware the landscape for Comics, and movies based on comic characters,  is changing.  The violence is increasing.

Final note:  I really want to see how Captain America will be re-invented.


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