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General: Playstation 4? WTF?!?

Posted by JungleBoot on July 23, 2008

I have encountered several blogs, forums, and articles that mention Sony may deliver a fourth generation playstation by 2010.  Some of these sources take a more conservative delivery date of 2012.  And considering the sources, it could all be crap.

Still, I just bought the damn 40GB (gigabyte Playstation3 for $399.  Add a game and tax to that and you’re walking out the store less $500.00 USD.  Didn’t this game console just come out?  Game developers haven’t even really started taking advantage of the new capabilities.  So, why?  Why in the world would Sony deliver the PS4 after 6 years?  Anybody?


One Response to “General: Playstation 4? WTF?!?”

  1. controlling chaos said


    Sony legally has to wait till 2013 to release any new system.

    In 2009 will be a big year for PS3. By 2011 Sony hopes to have an online system comparable to Xbox Live.

    2013 Sony will start marketing and realistically telling what is next for a new system.

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