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Games: PS3 NCAA 09 Football

Posted by JungleBoot on August 26, 2008

Let’s get one thing straight, I rent and you should too.  Gamestop makes way too much money off trade-ins.

NCAA 09 Football doesn’t do it for me.  It seems every year the developer adds new features while screwing something else up.  Dynasty mode comes to mind.  I own NCAA 05 for the PS2 and Madden 05.  The reason is simple.  I can graduate awesome players and bring them into the NFL.  A football game, at it’s core, is still a football game.  But, for me, Dynasty mode in NCAA 09 sucks.  The recruiting period takes place over the entire season — not at the end (which is simpler).  They also added more ways to entice a player to commit to your school making Dynasty mode richer and deeper for hardcore fans and complicated as hell for the casual player.  It’s like they are out to entice fantasy football players instead of satisfying simple needs.

NCAA 09 has a feature that is new for me: Campus Legend.  This mode could have been awesome.  I’ll save you the grief.  It sucks the big one.  While it is fun to play the highschool playoffs and get college offers, the play calling leaves a lot to be desired.  My QB went to Texas Tech.  I figured the QB would get a lot of play.  He spent a few weeks during his freshman year winning his spot then hit the field.  I thought — cool feature.  Then you get into the games and realize you can’t call any plays.  The A.I. calls the plays and they generally make no sense.  When you should run the ball, the computer wants to pass.  When you should run to the strong side, it goes weak.  And inevitably, it will want you to run a QB sneak against a  blitzing defense to the weak side.  It sucks.  The only saving grace is the ability to call audibles and run your butt off when there is open field.  EA really needs to patch this portion of the game and give the gamer the ability to call plays.

On graphics:  The graphics are appealing.  However, some animations leave a lot to be desired.  Compared to NBA 09, NCAA 09 running animations suck.  Guess I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this game.  The reason may have a lot to do with its price.

My personal opinion — Don’t buy this game.  Go rent it first and see if you like it.  There is no reason to buy every single NCAA Football or Madden Football game that comes out.


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