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Hurricane Ike: Lessons Learned

Posted by JungleBoot on September 15, 2008

Search the internet for hurricane preparedness and you will have plenty of results.  There you will also find the typical advice of food, shelter, batteries, and bottled water.  But what about the other things you may not think about?  You know — the little things.

  1. Shelter.  A major hurricane is coming your way and you need a place to stay.  Book in advance.  It’s true the path of a storm is unpredictable.  Still, it’s more important to be safe and protect your family.
  2. Shelter.  The motel you are going to should meet certain guidelines.  This is where time is essential.  Your room should be an interior room or surrounded by other rooms and not on the corner.  Your motel should have a normal roof and not made of designer material (ie: shaped ceramic tiles).  These materials can be blown off and damage your vehicle.  Your room should be up to date on maintenance (ie: are the windows secure? Are there any leaks?)  It’s not cool to find your window can be blown out during a hurricane.
  3. Shelter.  Avoid rooms near garbage dumpsters.  These are often located within an enclosure that has a wooden gate that might become a flying missile.
  4. Shelter.  Ensure your hotel has working washer and dryers or laundry service.

More to come as I rember things that pissed me off this go around.


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