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Hurricane Ike: Where are the celebrities?

Posted by JungleBoot on September 21, 2008

Where is Oprah?  Where is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?  Where is Sean Penn?  Where is Chris Rock and all the others that helped after Katrina?  Are we not worthy of their support?  Or is it due to not having enough national media coverage?  Hurricane Ike was no picnic and it left a lot of devestation.  Just thought I would throw this out there.



4 Responses to “Hurricane Ike: Where are the celebrities?”

  1. uzzi said

    More Information About It HERE:

  2. V. Reece said

    Hey, we don’t even rate a song and we’re having to donate…to ourselves!! Like we got money to donate…to ourselves!!! This is sooo tacky!

    No one even sent a fruit basket!

    Maybe we didn’t look pitiful enough on television or plead enough..

    Of course, this shows just how much they and their regard are worth, doesn’t it.


  3. meemee said

    i was wondering the same thing, where is everyone, katrina stayed in the news for weeks, we are not even headline on the internet (got a generator at work) guess we dont measure up oh well oprah , brad, and the others just remember when your next show, magazine or movie comes out, i wont be in line. take care my fellow neighbors keep your chins up.

  4. Faith said

    Yeah. Where are those damn Hollywood elites?? Where is Oprah and Tyler Perry willing to giveaway houses and furnitures for Hurricane Ike victims?? Perhaps Galveston Island doesn’t have enough black people unlike in New Orleans. And where is J-Lo or Eva Longoria representing the hispanic community to help?? I heard there are lots of hispanics in Galveston. Angelina JJolie and Bratt Pitt should pay a visit. Are they being picky?? This is pathetic!! I will boycott these celebrities!!

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