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Web Game: Mobsters on MySpace

Posted by JungleBoot on September 26, 2008

This post will be short and to the point.  There are some things I have noticed about the Mobsters application hosted on MySpace you will find useful.

How to make money? 
There is no doubt about it.  The best way is to collect bounties.  It’s hard at first.  You don’t have enough mob members or weapons to accomplish the task.  But, you should still try.  The first bounties you should go for are the $8,000 contracts.  This will give you money to build your mob strength.  Eventually, you will need to get gutsy and attempt the bigger bounties — $100K and above.  The goal isn’t to win the fight, but kill the other player.  Here is an example:

Your mob fought with: 65 Minigun, 65 Bulletproof Escalade, 65 Bullet Proof Vest
ANASS’s mob fought with: 80 Armored Truck, 80 Minigun, 80 Bullet Proof Vest
You lost the fight, taking 15 damage and dealing 14 damage to your enemy.
You iced ANASS.
You received a bounty of $79,149,600 for killing ANASS.

I lost the fight and still collected the bounty.  So, work the bounties instead of buying properties.

How do you find the bounties? 
You look on the hit list.  Most of the time you will see nothing.  Don’t worry about it.  Start left clicking the refresh button or Hit List button until you see one — then attack.  Sounds lame, but it works.  All you have to do is get lucky with your timing once or twice and you’re on your way.

How do I transfer funds? 
Transferring funds only works in two directions — down (a higher level player to lower) or lateral.  You can accomplish a transfer by hit listing a weak opponent.  Just remember everyone else will also try to claim the bounty.   The best way to accomplish this is by weakening your opponent with punches from a higher level player and you must have increased you stamina and health when awarded skill points (stamina: 10/10 health: 200/200).  Those numbers seem to work well.

Why are some hits harder than others? 
Some are traps.  There is no way you will beat that person listed.  They have already built up their mob and have the best gear.  These folks are merely padding their stats.  You’ll know when you encounter them.  You get clobbered in every fight.  Plus, they might be sitting there healing themselves as fas as you attack.

How do I find other mobsters when one of my mob is being attacked? 
You use that player’s ID.  A great explanation may be found here.



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