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Choices: Cable, Satellite, DVD or Internet Broadcast?

Posted by JungleBoot on February 21, 2009

This will be brief and to the point. 

In 1996, I took a radio-television course at the University of Houston.  One lecture covered the topic of “on-demand” viewing.  The technology had not been thoroughly tested and was used minimally.  Today, you have multiple options to watch the most popular aired programs — cable, satellite, DVD, or the internet. 

This begs the question — how much longer will cable and satellite, as a viewing medium, last?  More and more the viewing public is gaining control of when and how to view programs.  You set your DVR to record your favorite show.  If for some reason the program guide wasn’t updated, you might be able to watch your show on the internet for free (access to the internet costs).  That’s significant.  Not only that, the content viewed over the internet is already “digital”.  It’s just a thought.


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