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Games: The Sims 2

Posted by JungleBoot on March 6, 2009

Today, I have uninstalled the Sims 2 base game and every expansion pack for it — minus Apartment life.  There are several reasons for this action. 

01.)  The game leaves a lot to be desired in the sense of longevity.  Once you see an interaction / reaction for a particular event — that’s it.  It will never change.  It will always be the same.

02.)  Expansion packs do not honestly add much to the base game — not enough to warrant the original cost or desired $20 USD today.  By definition, an expansion pack merely expounds on the base game and usually adds enough content to renew interest.  With Sims 2, the expansion packs feel like portions of the base game that were merely left out.  It never truly takes you in a new direction.

03.)  If you actually sim the game, your sims are pretty stupid and have poor artificial intelligence.  Let’s not forget the awful pathfinding.   A door can lead to the garage only three tiles away and the sim will still go outside and around to enter garage.  It’s mind boggling.

There are so many problems and failures in The Sims 2 that I can’t imagine Sims 3 being any better.


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