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PS3: Terminator Salvation

Posted by JungleBoot on May 20, 2009

I just rented this Terminator Salvation for the PS3 from Blockbuster thinking it would be cool.  It’s not.  There’s hardly any game play to it at all.  It seems to be a collection of small game activities surrounded by lots of animation and dialog.  If you have or had any thoughts about purchasing, don’t.  This is definitely a game you should rent and keep out of your collection.




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Cruel commercial or not?

Posted by JungleBoot on May 18, 2009

Have you seen this TV add?  The first thing you will think is — “Wow!”  Those kids did a wonderful thing.  Now, allow reality to sink in and remember your days in high school.  How many of us would have done the same thing?  Not many.  That’s why I have started to view the commercial as cruel and insulting.  Homecoming Queen and King are typically the popular kids in school.  They get that way by participating in sports or being known for “certain” qualities (party goer, promiscuous, vain, athlete, cheerleader, etc).  You know this is true.  The add alludes to this because we see a pretty girl making the announcement.

Now, I’m sitting here trying to figure out exactly what I find “cruel and insulting” and having a hard time putting it into words.  Part of me views the commercial as putting an individual suffering from Down Syndrome on “display”.  Another part of me views the commercial as playing a mean joke on someone.   What was your first reaction when you saw the girl brought out as Homecoming Queen?  Did you momentarily go, ” Yeah, right.” with disbelief?  If so, you know somewhat where I am coming from.

You decide for yourself.

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Movies: Star Trek (2009)

Posted by JungleBoot on May 10, 2009

If this is your first Star Trek film, you will be amazed and love it. If you are a long time fan, the film may fall short of your expectations.  You have to get over the idea of a whole new group of actors portraying some of your favorite characters.  You have to be willing to turn the reigns over to a younger generation and let yourself be surprised.  This can be hard.  Especially when William Shatner is our favorite starship captain of them all.  Every young boy wanted to be Captain Kirk.  He got the girls.  He was revered, courageous, fearless, and respected.  The bar set by Mr. Shatner is what alll of the “follow-ons” strove to achieve — with Patrick Stewart being the star pupil.  Sadly, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer were less than compelling.   Without Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, there was no reason to watch ST: Voyager.  The same thing can be said for Jolene Blalock as T’Pol on ST: Enterprise.

My sincerest hope is the movie surprises us all and becomes the top grossing film for the summer.  Why?  I want another Star Trek series.  This movie could be the catalyst.  But, what is there left to do in the Federation?  Even in this film, much of what you see has been done before.  What do you think?  Is there material to explore for a new series?

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