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Game: Fallout 3 (PS3)

Posted by JungleBoot on August 16, 2009

Recently, I have been playing a very addictive game — Fallout 3 on PS3.  Many times I have walked past this game at Blockbuster for other titles.  I often opted for the straight up first person shooter (FPS).  I had no idea what this game was about.  I had never heard of it.

This game is very much like any other “Character Building” game.  You have your primary character attributes and skills.  The combination of the two give your character his or her effectiveness throughout the game.  Simple, right?  It is up until you research the game on the internet.  There is a ton of information on it.  There is information on character building, quests, skill books, Non-playable characters, and more.  There is no need to buy the game guide for this title.  However, you will never truly enjoy the full scope of the game without some sort of guide.

After you play through the first time, you’ll get upset.  At the end, that’s it.  There is no more.  You don’t get to run around in the wasteland and “see” what you have missed.  The game actually ends.  Bummer.  You spent hours playing and now you have to start all over in order to enjoy the rest of the game.  I call that poor design especially in sandbox games. 

Your second time through you will have done some research and discovered the following ways to have an awesome – overkill character.
01. You’ll head directly to Rivet City and collect the Intelligence bobble-head.
02. You’ll make your way to the Museum of History and obtain Charon’s contract.
03. You’ll allow Charon to fight for you while you abuse well know bugs that allow you to collect two specific skill books an infinite amount of times (Actually, I believe the developers left this in as an easter egg.)
04. You’ll never start the main quest until you’ve discovered every location, found every bobble-head (minus one in Raven Rock), and retrieved every skill book you need to max out your skills.
05. You are bound to select the following perks for one simple reason.  These are the only ones that make any sense to have: Intense Training (more than once), Educated, Comprehension, Gunslinger, Commando, Strong Back, Animal Friend, Finesse, Sniper, Silent Running, Light Step, Action Boy, Better Criticals, and Grim Reaper’s Sprint.  These are thoroughly explained other places on the net.
06. You’ll obtain the schematics for the dart-gun and Deathclaw gauntlet early in the game.
07. You’ll realize that Rielly’s Ranger armor is the best armor in the game and max out your medicine skill early.
08. You’ll acquire the various special weapons like Vengence and The Terrible Shotgun.
09. Finally, you might get upset with how repetitive the game becomes.

That’s right.  After you have spent hours developing your uber-character, it will finally dawn on you.  This game is highly repetitive and could have been so much more.  The game also suffers from many calculation bugs involving VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System).  Many times I have had an enemy targeted with VATS that was in the open, un-obstructed and standing-still, that never got hit.  I also enjoy watching the enemies move at lightening speed when aimed at.  I’ve seen robots go nuts trying to avoid gunfire.  I also have problems with lighting and the drab colors used.  I understand it’s the wasteland — but, c’mon.  They could have done better.  This game seems rushed and unpolished.

Still, it’s hard not to like that first time through.  Be warned, this game is very adult oriented and should not be played by young children.


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