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What the hell Los Angeles?

Posted by JungleBoot on August 16, 2010

Recently, we drove from Texas to Los Angeles, California; more precisely Anahiem, California.  The drive was long and took two days.  I don’t mind. There was a lot to see — like mountains. 

Anyway, what bothers me is the condition of roads in California; particularly in Los Angeles.  Here we have a city swimming in money from tourism and the film industry.  But, its roads are in desperate need of work.  I’m not talking about a road here or there.  I’m talking about everywhere — even in downtown along the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater.  Pick any road and begin moving in a direction.  You will soon see patchwork jobs, replaced slabs, or tar filled cracks.  I don’t get it.  Someone, please help me understand.


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