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Fallout: New Vegas — How to increase SPECIAL points.

Posted by JungleBoot on October 28, 2010

You do not have to go all over the map in search of bobble heads to increase you SPECIAL points this time. Instead, explore the immediate area near the Crimson Caravan Company and locate the New Vegas Clinic. The doctor there sells implants you may purchase tthat increase your SPECIAL score by 1 for each statistic. The implants are not cheap. Each implant will cost 4,000 caps. You may also purchase two other, more expensive, implants. Speak to the doctor to find out what they are. Enjoy the game.


5 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas — How to increase SPECIAL points.”

  1. Powerslave said

    There are no Bobble Heads in New Vegas!

    • JungleBoot said

      Absolutely correct. There are no bobble heads. You have to spend 4,000 caps to increase your SPECIAL score by 1 as mentioned above. The only problem with that is a reliable way to “increase” caps when your Barter skill and Repair skill will be so low for a very long time.

      • BoyKeggey said

        It is not that hard to raise money in NV, go clean out all the casinos by gambling. Save when you win. If you have to load the game after you have lost too much it only makes you wait one min before you can gamble again. You won’t be able to gamble at a location after you’ve cleaned it out, but it’s worth it.

  2. bob said

    how do i get rid of special points? i cheated and now ive beaten the divide and it gives me another point. unfortunatly i cant skip this step or increase a stat to 11

    • JungleBoot said

      I know this is long overdue and might not even reach you (gmail accounts are a fleeting thing). There is no way I know of to remove special points in Fallout: New Vegas. It would have been nice. However, you are stuck with your choices (something I am sure you figured out).

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