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Fallout: New Vegas — How to Repair Gear

Posted by JungleBoot on November 6, 2010

01.  Open the Pip-Boy
02.  (PS3) Use L1 or R1 to expose the Item screen
03.  Highlight the item you wish to repair.
04.   Press triangle.  Any item you may use to repair will be listed below.
05.   Highlight item to use for parts and Press X.

There are two types  of “items” you may repair — armor and weapons.  In Fallout 3, repairs were based on your Repair skill.  If you had 20 for your repair skill, you could only complete a 20 percent repair.  In New Vegas, repair works differently.  If you have 20 points in repair, you can repair an item adding 20 percent to its current condition.  I’ll provide an example to help you understand.  These are not exact figures — just an example.

Repair: 30 — takes 13 of same item to get a full repair.
Repair: 60 — takes 6 of same item to get a full repair.
Repair: 90 — takes 3 of same item to get a full repair.

Get the idea.  You can make a full repair no matter what your Repair skill is.  It only determines how good your repair efforts  are or how many items it will take to make a full repair.

If you have 50 points in your repair skill, you can craft weapon repair kits at a work bench.  There are plenty of supplies around to make enough kits to last until you get the Jury Riggin perk.

Recipe for Weapon Repair Kit:
— 1 Duct Tape
— 1 Scrap Electronics
— 1 Wonder Glue
— 1 Wrenches
— 2 Scrap Metal

Make sure you are holding the weapon that needs to be repaired before using a repair kit.

You can also vist several vendors that can make repairs:
Mojave Outpost Admin Bldg: Officer behind counter — 100 percent repairs
Gibson Scrap Yard — Old Lady Gibson — 70 percent repairs


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