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Call of Duty: Black-Ops — Some Thoughts

Posted by JungleBoot on November 10, 2010

Overall, disappointing.  The story for single player campaign was interesting.  I liked the whole brain-washing angle and time period.  However, the A.I. needs work.  Several times during the campaign A.I. soldiers would take cover in the same spot I chose.  They often got in the way.   I had the same problems with Medal of Honor.

The whole campaign is run-and-gun.  There is no requirement to clear an area.  The only objective is to reach the next “waypoint”.  In that sense, everything happens fast and you barely get to enjoy the game.  It would be nice to have one mission where the enemies didn’t respawn and you could actually judge your progress.  This was missing.

The zombie arcade game is fun for about ten minutes.  You get to laugh at the whacky lines and enjoy some mindless “killing”.  Then you start to notice the limitations on weapons and ammo.  I’ve made it through 7 rounds max.  Most of the time I wind up being over-run.  Maybe you have better luck 0r skill.  It doesn’t matter.  It just gets old quick.

I’m so glad I rented this game.



One Response to “Call of Duty: Black-Ops — Some Thoughts”

  1. Magic said

    I pretty much agree. The whole game is very repetetive, especially when you played any of the previous CoD games. Most of it is run and shoot with no element of tactic/puzzle/stealth. Too bad I actually bought the game 😀

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