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Fallout: New Vegas — Camp Searchlight Police Station

Posted by JungleBoot on November 11, 2010

You’ve cleared Camp Searchlight of the ghouls and can’t access the Police Station or Fire Station.  A key is required to enter.  This is because access is tied to a side quest.  There are two churches in town.  The one closest to the NCR camp  is your destination.  Enter the basement and speak to the mercenary leader below.  This will initiate the sidequest.  Enjoy.


4 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas — Camp Searchlight Police Station”

  1. Max said

    Wow that is disappointing because when i found those mercs in that basement not one of them opened up a speaking dialogue with me so i saw no purpose for them and killed them and stripped them clean. : /
    Yet another mission I cannot do.

  2. Chris said

    Very helpful post. Note. U have to initiate the conversation and u have to initiate it twice. He will not offer quest the first dialogue. Second tome he will tell u to get the fuck out of how way or hack the terminal. (must have medium science skill)

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