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Fallout: New Vegas — Allocating Skill Points

Posted by JungleBoot on November 12, 2010

This will probably be your biggest concern and where you will make the most common mistake.  There is no need to raise any one individual skill above 80.  Take the comprehension perk and skill magazines will boost your scores 20 points to give you 100 for those isolated needs (ie: very hard terminals and very hard locks). 

That said — we could reduce that number even further.  Each skill has a total of four books that may be read to increase your score by 3 (or 4 with comprehension) points per book.  That is a total of 12 (16) points.  You take away 12 points from 80 and 68 is your magic number.  You take 16 from 80 and 64 is your magic number.

For obvious reasons, there are only a few skills worth having 90 or above points in:  Barter (more caps equals more purchasing power;  don’t forget about the Roving Trader outfit when considering this score as well),  Guns or Energy Weapons, Repair (90 points needed for Jury Rigging perk), and Speech.  Honestly, you can stop at 80 with speech.  I’ve never encountered a speech chanllenge tougher than 80.

You should also keep an eye on how your SPECIAL and equipment effect your skill scores.  This can alter your magic number by a few points.  Someone somewhere is going to work this all out.  I don’t have the time or inclination to do it.  But, I can at least give you some basic things to think about.  And no matter how hard you try, there is no way to have an all-around uber character like in Fallout 3.  Some skills are going to have to take a back seat (like explosives, sneak, medicine, unarmed, etc.)  The choice is yours.  I hope this helped.



2 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas — Allocating Skill Points”

  1. kurt said

    Thanks for the good info. I wasnt conerened with all the technical crap, just some guidelines.

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