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CERN’s “Big Bang Machine” and Relativity Question

Posted by JungleBoot on April 2, 2011

First off, I’m not a Physicist.  Like you, I can search the net and gain a rudimentary understanding of what CERN is attempting to do.  Which brings me to my little brain tease or hypothetical question. 

My understand of CERN’s efforts is they are attempting to understand the very early stages of the Big Bang by “creating” a smaller version of the bang.  My understanding of Relativity is that time is relative to the observer.

My Question:  If CERN was ever truly successful at creating a “Big Bang” event and it only lasted for a micro-second in the eyes of the scientist, would sentient life emerge and perish in that instant?  Keep in mind that time is Relative to the observer.  All the scientist would be aware of is the flash of light — a light that has a specific moment of origin, a specific point of origin,  expands outward, and finally ceases to exist.  How does that rattle your brain?


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