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This is a general site and a first time endeavor.  I view blogs as way of communication only.  A place where an individual can keep in touch with friends and family or spark the occassional debate.  They provide an outlet for the “huddled masses” to speak on a variety of topics.  And if one is lucky, an automated supplemental source of revenue.  I’m not here to get rich or seek fame.  Still, It would be a nice twist of fate.  Please enjoy the material you find here and I hope you come back.

About my movie reviews:  I keep my reviews short and relevant.  I don’t believe in expounding too much as it can destroy the viewing experience.  Many times reviews have lessened the impact of an important scene because of viewer awareness.  This I want to avoid.  I merely want to provide who the main actors/actresses are and the prevailing story.  It is possible I may write more on thought provoking films and less on newly released material.

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