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Political News: Obama Christianity Statement Taken Out of Context.

Posted by JungleBoot on June 4, 2009

I’m not an Obama fan.  I did not vote for the man and think the nation chose poorly.   However, the ruckus over today’s Christianity sound bite is unfounded.  One of our founding principles is religious freedom.  The freedom to talk to, pray to, or demonstrate fealty to God in any manner you see fit (minus criminal acts).  We are a nation of citizens that practice the rituals of many faiths. 

Please watch the video below and decide for yourself.


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In the News: Clinton Wins West Virginia Primary

Posted by JungleBoot on May 14, 2008

Fox news reports that Hillary Clinton has won the West Virginia Primary by a decisive margin. That’s funny.  At least, I think so.  What exactly is a decisive margin?  Any game won by a single point can be called a decisive margin.  Basically, that one point could have gone to either side pushing that team on to victory.  Describing the margin in terms of size would have been a better choice. 

 Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, you should recognize that the Democratic party never thought Barack Obama would make it this far.  All of the candidates put forth were suppose to make Hillary the obvious choice.  But, things didn’t go as planned.  The turd, Obama, actually made a run for the Presidency and stabbed the Clintons in the back.  I say good for him.  They deserve it.  As much crap as that family has put America through, it’s time someone got even. 

Now, I don’t support Barack.  I’m not even sure I support McCain.  But, the alternative leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  You would never know who is truly answering that phone in the White House or calling the shots.  Reporters would be constantly asking, “What did Bill have to say about this?”  And, quite frankly, I could care less what comes forth from that bag-of-bones.  Anyway, I have digressed.

By all the stuff I have been hearing, Hillary should drop out of the race.  Instead, the classic preferred Democratic-Gambit is in play — THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED/YOU STOLE MY PRESIDENCY/PICK A STATE AND RECOUNT.  I hope I’m wrong.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Political Commentary: Senator Clinton Talks to O’Rielly About Rev. Wright Jr.

Posted by JungleBoot on May 1, 2008

Bill O’Rielly caught up with Hillary Clinton for an interview on Wednesday.   On the topic of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., Senator Clinton stated, “I will leave it up the voters.”  That wasn’t what O’Rielly was after.  He wanted her opinion as an American citizen and cordially pressed the issue.

O’Rielly:  “You’re an American citizen.  I’m an American citizen.  He’s an American citizen — Rev. Wright.  What do you think when you hear a fellow American citizen say that stuff about America?  What do you think?”

Clinton:  “I’m offended.  I think it’s offensive and outrageous.”

Watch the interview.
Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

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Political Commentary: Favorable Ratings for Obama Drop

Posted by JungleBoot on May 1, 2008

Fox News reports Hillary Clinton recieving a 10% approval rate over Obama with Democrats according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.  Do you think the increase in support for Hillary Clinton comes from the current uproar over Obama’s past with Rev. Jeremiah Wright jr.?

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Political Commentary: Obama Breaking Ties

Posted by JungleBoot on April 30, 2008

Fox News reported on Obama’s breaking ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.  I wonder about the sincerity of the move and why it took so long.  Obama, as everyone knows, sat in Rev. Wright’s congregation for 20 years.  That bears a certain amount of significance.  Once again, Obama sat in a pew listening to Rev. Wright for 20 years.   That’s a long time.  Even if one’s personality and beliefs change, they make themselves known over time.  You can’t possibly believe Obama didn’t know of Rev. Wright’s tendencies.  I think Obama should have distanced himself a long time ago when he became a United States senator.  Don’t you?  Now, there are two possibilities here:  1) Obama, knowing his life would be investigated with a fine tooth comb, felt he could deal with the issue when it came up.  2) Rev. Jeremiah Wright jr. is an opportunist who knew at some point the reporters and cameras would look his way and simply took advantage of it — effectively tarnishing the reputation of Senator Obama to get on the national scene.  Personally, I think there is some truth in both.  However, the question remains.  Did Obama wait too long to distance himself from Rev. Wright?

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