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Fallout: New Vegas — Grinding for Experience

Posted by JungleBoot on November 8, 2010

It’s possible that you don’t want to start the game with a weak character and are looking for some way to gain experience rapidly.  Unfortunately, the update nerfed all of the experience glitches and you will have to grind.  That leaves only one question.  What is the best way to rack up some experience?  Hunting.

Hunt the Bighorner Bull.  Each kill will reward you with 50 experience points.  That is the same reward for Deathclaws and a whole lot safer.  Find the herds near the following locations:  Grub ‘n Gulp Rest Stop, Snyder Prospector Camp, Southwest of Wolfhorn Ranch, North of Nipton, and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.  You can also hunt the fire ants at the Ant Mound and El Dorado Dry Lake, the ants at Ivanpah Dry Lake, and the radscorpions south of the Nipton Road Pit Stop.  The herds and ants will respawn after waiting 72 hours.

Alternatively, you could just go after Fiends and Viper gang members.  The point reward is 20 for each kill.  The bonus is looting the dead.


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Fallout: New Vegas — How to Repair Gear

Posted by JungleBoot on November 6, 2010

01.  Open the Pip-Boy
02.  (PS3) Use L1 or R1 to expose the Item screen
03.  Highlight the item you wish to repair.
04.   Press triangle.  Any item you may use to repair will be listed below.
05.   Highlight item to use for parts and Press X.

There are two types  of “items” you may repair — armor and weapons.  In Fallout 3, repairs were based on your Repair skill.  If you had 20 for your repair skill, you could only complete a 20 percent repair.  In New Vegas, repair works differently.  If you have 20 points in repair, you can repair an item adding 20 percent to its current condition.  I’ll provide an example to help you understand.  These are not exact figures — just an example.

Repair: 30 — takes 13 of same item to get a full repair.
Repair: 60 — takes 6 of same item to get a full repair.
Repair: 90 — takes 3 of same item to get a full repair.

Get the idea.  You can make a full repair no matter what your Repair skill is.  It only determines how good your repair efforts  are or how many items it will take to make a full repair.

If you have 50 points in your repair skill, you can craft weapon repair kits at a work bench.  There are plenty of supplies around to make enough kits to last until you get the Jury Riggin perk.

Recipe for Weapon Repair Kit:
— 1 Duct Tape
— 1 Scrap Electronics
— 1 Wonder Glue
— 1 Wrenches
— 2 Scrap Metal

Make sure you are holding the weapon that needs to be repaired before using a repair kit.

You can also vist several vendors that can make repairs:
Mojave Outpost Admin Bldg: Officer behind counter — 100 percent repairs
Gibson Scrap Yard — Old Lady Gibson — 70 percent repairs

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Fallout: New Vegas — A Good Start

Posted by JungleBoot on November 3, 2010

This is a no B.S. post.  It will be short and to the point.  If you are trying to figure out how to acquire good armor and a good weapon right away, read this.  Make your way to Camp Golf and head into the resort house.  Look right once inside.  There is a room filled with cots where the NCR rangers sleep.  There is  a combat helmet and combat armor sitting on a shelf.  You will have to steal both.  Simply pick them up and walk into another room or out of sight of the rangers, drop the item, and pick it up.  It makes stealing much easier.

Now, the hard part.  You can acquire an Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle ealry in the game from the Nellis Communications Array.  Two boomers are dead inside the building.  The rifles are sitting next to them.  What makes this hard is getting past the shelling.  Follow the path indicated in the image below.

Fallout: New Vegas - Nellis AFB

Fallout: New Vegas Nellis AFB

The idea is to hug the ridge line until you reach the fence.  If you get hung up along the way, you might not make it.   Attemp to open the gate and respond to the sentry’s challenge.  Speak with Mother Pearl and immediately speak with the female NPC that took you to her.  She will give you the quest that provides the key to enter the array.

You can also pick up combat armor off of two dead bodies at Durable Dunn’s Sacked Caravan.

Good luck.

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Fallout: New Vegas — Approach to Camp Searchlight

Posted by JungleBoot on October 29, 2010

Camp Searchlight is located east of Wolfhorn Ranch.  It is a community patrolled by a small contingent of NCR soldiers who took it upon themselves to warn travelers to stay out.  The town is crawling with ghouls, feral ghouls, glowing ghouls, and radscropions.  Speak to the Seargent in charge of the patrol to find out what happened here and why the ghouls are dressed like NCR soldiers.

There are two ways to approach the situation:
1.  Go charging in and fight it out.
2.  Take out as many ghouls as possible from a distance (sniping).

Things are easier if you have Boone with you.  He gives you the Spotter perk which highlights enemies in red.  I recommend using a sniper rifle or a modified hunting rifle with a scope.  Both weapons use .308 rounds.  It is also beneficial to modifiy your rifle with a silencer.  Stay outside of town and snipe as many ghouls as possible.  While you are at it, you can snipe any radscorpions that show up.  Once you have reduced the number of ghouls, you may enter the town and activate the turret systems if you have a high enough Science skill.  Don’t forget to put on your radiation suit and take some rad-x.  If you get exposed to too much radiation, visit a doctor and pay 100 caps to be cured.

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Fallout: New Vegas — How to get a sniper rifle.

Posted by JungleBoot on October 29, 2010

An actual sniper rifle may be obtained from the top bunk in the 1st Recon tent at Camp McCarran (verified for PS3 patched to 1.6).  However, your guns skill will prevent you from using the weapon effectively.  That leaves you with the choice of being a “steady” junkie (which steadies your weapon) or using an alternative at lower levels.  My personal choice is the Ratslayer (a unique varmint rifle modded with a silencer, night scope, and larger clips).  It is found in the Brock Flower cave populated by giant mutated rats.  Don’t worry.  There is a perfect solution for dealing with the infestation — powder charges.  Collect all the powder charges you can find — along with frag mines — and use them to slow down our furry little friends.  Lay them down like bread crumbs behind you.  Be sure to hold a few back to deal with the rats that remain.  Of course, you could always use a stealth boy.  But, where is the fun in that?

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Fallout: New Vegas — Where to Rest

Posted by JungleBoot on October 28, 2010

The wasteland surrounding New Vegas is vast. It could take you a long time to explore everything. However, as you explore check out the many abandoned trailers and homes. Many of these abandoned homes have beds you may rest in. For normal difficutly, you are only required to rest for 1 hour to recover full health. I don’t know what is required in hardcore mode. I imagine 8 hours is the default and also dependent upon injuries. If you haven’t found places to rest, you haven’t really explored.

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Fallout: New Vegas — How to increase SPECIAL points.

Posted by JungleBoot on October 28, 2010

You do not have to go all over the map in search of bobble heads to increase you SPECIAL points this time. Instead, explore the immediate area near the Crimson Caravan Company and locate the New Vegas Clinic. The doctor there sells implants you may purchase tthat increase your SPECIAL score by 1 for each statistic. The implants are not cheap. Each implant will cost 4,000 caps. You may also purchase two other, more expensive, implants. Speak to the doctor to find out what they are. Enjoy the game.

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Fallout: New Vegas — Some Observations

Posted by JungleBoot on October 28, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas is the recent installment in a series of Bethesda games that put the gamer in a post-apocolypse life.  As the title indicates, this time you are in and around the Las Vegas area.  You start out in the small town of Goodsprings.  Here you wake up in a doctor’s office and begin creating your character.  Luckily, the process is far simpler than in Fallout 3.  There is very little roleplaying.  You merely create your character and get sent on your way.

Unlike Fallout 3, you have the option to start right away and go exploring or go through the tutorial.  A hard core gamer would choose to ignore the tutorial and just start exploring.  Keep in mind, that “tutorial mission” doesn’t go away.  The game isn’t smart enough to disable this mission should you leave the area — an oversight in my opinion.  Instead, you may go back at any time and start it.

My first time through I ignored the traits during character creation.  I didn’t see how any of them would benefit me.  That changed on my second attempt.  I decided to go with Four Eyes and Heavy Handed.  Heavy handed is pretty straight forward.  It makes your melee attacks stronger.  Ok, that’s cool and handy.  Four Eyes increases your Perception by 1 when glasses are worn and decreases it by 1 when without glasses. So, if during character creation you left your Perception alone at 5 and took the Four Eyes trait, Perception will drop to 4.  Now, take the glasses on the table in the Doctor’s office and put them on.  The glasses will boost perception by 2 (+2).  Your Perception now is 6+.  Find a hat that provides a +1 to Perception and put it on.  Perception rises to 7+.  Now you have a few options on raising Perception more. 
01. You can take Intense Training to increase Perception by 1 point again.
02  You can vist the New Vegas Clinic near the Crimson Caravan Coumpound and purchase an implant (4,000 caps) that will increase Perception by 1.
03. You could do both and raise Perception to 9 when wearing glasses.

That’s kind of nice when you think about it.  The choice is yours.  Personally, I wouldn’t waste Intense Training perk twice here and just be happy with 8 points in Perception.  Plus, if you add ED-E as a companion, you’ll get his “Perception” perk.

I mentioned the New Vegas Clinic and implants.  What is that all about?  It’s simple.  Do you remeber the bobble heads from Fallout 3?  The bobble heads increased certain skill stats and SPECIAL points.  These bobble heads are not present in Fallout: New Vegas.  Therefore, you may purchase implants that will increase each SPECIAL score by 1 point.  It’s not cheap.  Each one will cost you 4,000 caps.  So, you will have to increase your Barter skill and wear the Trader Hat and Trader outfit to maximize your gain when selling weapons to merchants.  My favorite place is Gun Runners.  In some cases, especially early, it is better to sell the weapons you pick up in their current condition than repair them first.  It just depends.

On to something new.  What to do first?  Where should I go and why?  What skills are the most important to tag during character creation?  First thing you need to do is aquire a base of operations.  This will become your hideout and place to stash gear.  Refrigerators are not required.  You just need a place to sleep and be able to organize your stuff.  The Nevada Highway Patrol Station is the perfect place.  You have a place to rest inside the jail and multiple storage containers.  It is located south of Primm and the NCR detachment stationed there.  This is the first place you should take over.  That gives you what to do first, where, and why.  As far as skill tags go, it’s really up to the player.  However, one should always be Energy Weapons or Guns.  Guns are everywhere.  Energy weapons are found primarily in New Vegas  That makes my choice easy.  I always take Guns.  Plus, I like using Sniper rifles.  My other choices are Repair and Speech.  I prefer to talk my way out of situations or gain compliance through dialouge options.  Why take Repair?  It doesn’t work like it did before.  Repair works differently.  Before you were limited to how well you could repair an object.  Now, you can repair everything to 100% regardless.  What repair does now is determine how well your repair is.  In other words, by using 1 Varmint rifle to repair another Varmint rifle you will gain an X percent increase in weapon condition based on your Repair Skill.  The higher your Repair score the better that percentage is and the less items you must use to make full repairs.

Why not choose Science or Lockpick?  That’s a good question.  There are probably good reasons to take them.  But, I discovered in Fallout 3 that most of the places I gained access to using Lockpick and Science weren’t worth it.  Once I place enough points in Guns, Repair, and Speech, I go back and start increasing Science, Lockpick, and Medicine — in that order.  And if there is a chance after those three, I would raise Survival.  There is a good benefit to raising Survival high.  You can make foods that will replenish health X amount of points over X amount of time without increasing your radiation exposure.

Anyway, I could go on about my observations.  But, if you have a question.  Ask.  If I have an answer, I’ll provide it.

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What the hell Los Angeles?

Posted by JungleBoot on August 16, 2010

Recently, we drove from Texas to Los Angeles, California; more precisely Anahiem, California.  The drive was long and took two days.  I don’t mind. There was a lot to see — like mountains. 

Anyway, what bothers me is the condition of roads in California; particularly in Los Angeles.  Here we have a city swimming in money from tourism and the film industry.  But, its roads are in desperate need of work.  I’m not talking about a road here or there.  I’m talking about everywhere — even in downtown along the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater.  Pick any road and begin moving in a direction.  You will soon see patchwork jobs, replaced slabs, or tar filled cracks.  I don’t get it.  Someone, please help me understand.

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Sims 3: Is it true? Does the game suck?

Posted by JungleBoot on November 2, 2009

Sims 3 is the latest rendition of  MAXIS – Electronic Art’s highly acclaimed simulation game and gamers hate it.  The message boards and forums are packed with complaints regarding graphics and gameplay.  The one complaint that sticks out the most is the lack of objects in the base package.  It appears EA wants to engage in a little fleecing of the fans by selling MAXIS designed objects separately through the Sims 3 store.  If this is the trend to come, I may have reached the point in my life where  I stop buying games all together.

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