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PS3 Game: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Posted by JungleBoot on August 13, 2008

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty sucks as a next generation console game.  The game plays like a repackaged Medal of Honor or Call of Duty title designed for the Playstation / Playstation 2.   For the price, skip this game and rent it if you absolutely have to play it.  You will feel a lot better when you realize how awful it is.

Problems I had with the game:
01.  Teammate AI getting in your line of fire.
02.  Poorly designed “aiming” views
03.  Many weapons left behind by AI enemies may not be retrieved.
04.  Tendency to find more German MP50s versus other cool weapons.
05.  Poor shooting from cover.
06.  Poor collision detection (guns sticking through walls and floors).
07.  Brevity of the game.  At $59.95 USD, the game is short and unmemorable.

Play Battlefield: Bad Company or Call of Duty 4 before playing this game.  The difference just boggles the mind.

Note:  I always rent my games at BlockBuster.  Paying $59.95 USD for new titles that I can finish within a rental period makes no sense to me.


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